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About SHIP

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) works to create healthy communities through increasing opportunities for healthier eating, more physical activity, and clean air.  Through community collaborations we can help to create long lasting healthy changes for Mower County.


To learn more about SHIP please visit the Minnesota Department of Health website:

Statewide Health Improvement Partnership


For some of our local initiatives please view our SHIP-Mower County factsheet

SHIP Strategies

We focus our work in several areas of the community.  SHIP strategies include:



Healthy School Food

Active Schools



Healthy Eating in the Community

Active Living in the Community


Smoke-Free Housing

Tobacco Free Outdoor Spaces


Worksite Wellness

        Healthy Eating

          Physical Activity

          Tobacco free grounds

          Breastfeeding Support



        Clinical-Community Linkages

          Advancing Health Reform


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